EnviroSoft® Surgical Positioning Devices




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Product Details-Cost Effective, Durable and Cleanable Disposable Surgical Positioning:

  • Maximize Support – of soft tissue while minimizing pressure on the skin around bony prominences reducing the potential for decubitus ulcers
  • Maximize Cost Effectiveness—by reusing up to 50 times
  • Eliminates Fluid Absorption—even when nicked or cut
  • Maximize Cleanliness—by wiping with a standard surgical wipe
  • Increased Supporting Foam—will not “bottom-out” like most disposable positioners
  • Eliminates Concerns of Leaking Gel Positioners– when nicked or cut

Minimize Chemicals of Concern and Waste:

  • PVC-free and Latex-free
  • Flame retardant-free
  • Multi-use equals less waste

Additional information

Positioner Product

Arm Positioner, Chest Positioner, Heel Cup, Prone Head Positioner, Supine Head Positioner